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02/03/2018    Laser alignment tool

The new Rapid Laser alignment kit by Healtech Electronics allows quick and accurate checking of a variety of alignment issues. The kit can be used to check rear wheel alignment to ensure the axle is...

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01/03/2018    Bering Airbag

The Bering C-Protect Air is a gilet designed to be worn over the top of a normal riding jacket which incorporates an airbag that is activated by a universal fit cable that can be used with any model...

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28/02/2018    Digital meters

Scooter specialist VE (UK) has three new Rapid Sense digital meters from Malossi available. The first model measures engine speed (up to 15000rpm), coolant temperature and running time since last...

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27/02/2018    Hevik Titanium

Hevik has updated its adventure-style Namib jacket and christened it with a new moniker. Now called the Titanium, the latest version is a four-season jacket with an outer layer of Ripstop and...

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26/02/2018    Baja Gore-Tex boot

This lightweight adventure touring boot is suitable, says maker TCX, for on and off-road use, including light enduro duties. The uppers are made from leather with suede panels, and a Gore-Tex...

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