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22/10/2018    Remote monitored Shido batteries

A new range of batteries from Shido incorporates real-time status monitoring via a phone app. The lithium ion batteries are about 60% lighter than traditional lead-acid types, and provide a higher...

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07/09/2018    Vespa clutch drive gears

A new range of clutch drive gears for Vespa large frame models is available in several tooth counts to allow gear ratio changes for improved performance. The six-spring clutches have a 96mm backing...

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15/08/2018    TOP-END PISTON KIT

Developed by VP Italy to make the repair of two and four stroke off-road machines quicker and cheaper, the Top-End Piston Kit range has been expanded to include most 2018 models from Honda,...

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10/08/2018    Mecdraulic kit

PBR Sprockets has developed a new kit designed to turn a cable-operated clutch system into a hydraulic clutch. The kit claims to provide better clutch feel and a high level of reliability. Because...

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17/07/2018    K-Tech for Ninja 400

Kawasaki’s new Ninja 400 sportsbike has been subjected to some attention from suspension specialists K-Tech. The DDS Lite rear shock is four-way adjustable – compression, rebound, spring preload and...

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