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28/02/2019    Oxford Leverlock

A quick and simple security device that will act as a deterrent to opportunistic thieves. It simply clamps around the handlebar and brake lever, locking the brakes on to prevent ride away theft. Its...

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13/02/2019    New Thatcham Standards, New TrakKING Adventure

 ADVERTISING FEATURE  On 31st December 2018 the long-standing Thatcham Category 5, 6 and 7 standards ceased to be relevant for new tracking system installations, replaced by 2 new standards: S5...

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HM Quickshifter has developed a Quickshift-Auto Blipper for the latest generation superbikes for more accurate and consistent gearshifts on track or road.Developed as a direct replacement for bikes...

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29/11/2018    Malossi Delta clutch

Malossi has launched a new Delta clutch system for the Honda Forza 125 maxi scooter. The clutch is a fully adjustable assembly suitable for both road or track use and it allows improved pull-away...

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27/11/2018    SIP 306cc Vespa engine

SIP is now offering a 306cc engine for Vespa large frame models. The engine case, cylinder and crankshaft have been redeveloped and adapted resulting in improved power and torque throughout the rev...

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