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02/07/2019    SUR-RON LB X-Series RS Black Edition

An uprated version of the electric-powered off-road machine, the SUR-RON LB X-Series RS Black Edition comes with an unfeasibly long name and adjustable Rock Shox Debonair forks. The 60V/6kW...

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04/04/2019    10Ten for 2019

10Ten has launched two new kiddy motocrossers.The 50R shares the colour scheme and graphics of its bigger brethren and its 49cc motor has an electric start and automatic clutch to make it easier for...

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29/03/2019    Mag adds second sale

 ADVERTISING FEATURE  There’s double the action at MAG with the addition of their second monthly motorcycle auction. The decision to include a second motorcycle auction into their sales calendar...

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22/03/2019    New Day Same Great Sale

 ADVERTISING FEATURE  After more than a decade of hosting a motorcycle auction on the third Tuesday of every month, MAG Rotherham has announced that from April the sale will be held on the third...

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18/03/2019    Royal Alloy on the side

Watsonian has added Royal Alloy scooters to the range of PTWs to which it can fit a sidecar. Revised hydraulic suspension and 12in wheels are fitted, plus a new subframe which fits to the scooter’s...

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