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3 Big Benefits

Offer your customers Diamondbrite paintwork protection when they buy a new motorcycle and three big benefits automatically follow;


1) Extra profit – margins are tight on bike sales, so every little extra helps. Professionally applied by you, the dealer, Diamondbrite provides extra revenue.

2) Customer satisfaction - not only will Diamondbrite shield your customer's new machine from UV rays and other pollutants that will damage painted surfaces, it also makes it easier to clean, because dirt particles can't stick to the surface.

3) Higher resale value – when the time comes to trade-in the bike for a newer model, its paintwork will be in peak condition, so the customer gets more money to play with and you get a shiny used bike to sell.

Made in the UK and supported by a national sales team, call now to find out how you and your customers could benefit from Diamondbrite. Full training given.


Tel: +44 (0)1622 815679