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Call it serendipity. I was about to set off on a motorcycle tour of Scotland’s scenic North Coast 500 when the offer arrived to test a Kitvision bike-cam.  The Escape HD5 offers 720p video, a five megapixel photo mode and, in its clear plastic case, is waterproof up to 30m. I can’t confirm the latter, although it stood up well to the driving rain and sea mist rolling in off the North Sea between Wick and Golspie on Scotland’s east coast. 
The facility for a Micro SD card up to 32 GB means memory is not a problem and the built-in lithium battery is up to the job. The quality of the lens is acceptable without being pin sharp – not such a problem when you are filming the road over Applecross Pass which looks spectacular in the brooding cloud - and the microphone coped well with the engine and wind noise even in the waterproof case. 
The camera comes with a host of mounts and the SRP is £49.99. The higher-spec. Escape 4KW Action Camera  costs £149.99.
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