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Tucano Urbano has some kit to help commuters get through the winter months. The Diluvio Pro waterproof gear isn’t new, we tested it in our December 2019 edition, but previously it was only sold as a trouser and jacket set. Now consumers can purchase the CE-rated garments individually. The Jacket comes in sizes XS-4XL for £89.99 SRP and the trousers are £54.99.

The Footerine is a new silicone show cover designed to protect riders’ feet and shoes from the elements. Ideal for scooter riders, they come with a compact pouch for storage and have a non-slip texture. Available in two sizes – EU36-41 or EU41-46 – and in three colours – orange, yellow or black they have an SRP of £12.99.

Tucano Urbano; 07799 626 635;