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5 essentials from Diamondbrite

Your customers want to be out riding their motorcycles during the sunny summer season, not stuck at home cleaning them.

Fortunately help is at hand, with a range of quick cleaners, specifically developed for motorcycles by Diamondbrite, and made in their UK factory.

Created to tackle common contaminants, like bug-splat from flying insects, tar thrown up from hot road surfaces and chain lube flung onto the rear wheel, Diamondbrite cleaners are attractively packaged and priced, for a quick and easy sale.


  1. Remove bugs and dust with a spray-on/wipe off Waterless Detailer. Its active ingredients create a microscopic layer between the dirt particles and painted surfaces, so there is no scratching as the dirt is removed. RRP £9.87 inc VAT
  2. A swift squirt with Diamondbrite Motorcycle Degreaser will strip oils and grease from wheels and undercarriage. RRP £9.25 inc VAT
  3. Keep metalwork gleaming with Diamondbrite Motorcycle Chrome and Metal Polish - suitable for all surfaces. RRP £6.75
  4. Every once in a while, go for a deep clean with Diamondbrite Motorcycle Bike Wash. Its spray-on/rinse-off formula is also biodegradable, so you won't be harming the environment. RRP £6.75
  5. And finally, it isn't only the motorcycle that can get a bit grubby over the summer months, the rider can too. Freshen up clothing and helmets with Diamondbrite Motorcycle Kit Fresh. RRP £7.75

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