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Everyone profits from Diamondbrite

Selling Diamondbrite paintwork protection with every new or used motorcycle keeps everyone happy.

For starters, it provides additional profit for you the dealer, which is especially welcome when margins on bike sales are slim.

Clean and simple to apply (it usually takes around an hour), Diamondbrite  forms a tough, high-gloss barrier on painted surfaces, and is a hassle-free job for your team.

Your customers will notice that their motorcycles get less dirty, because grime doesn’t stick to the Diamondbrite coating, and washing time is reduced.

Best of all, if the customer decides to trade in the bike for a newer machine at some point in the future, the paintwork will still be in great condition, so the resale value of the machine is higher and it will be easier to sell too.

Diamondbrite Motorcycle Pro is only available to authorised dealers - you can sell it secure in the knowledge that it isn’t available direct to the public - and with a 3-year guarantee, you can sell it happy that you’re covered.


Last, but by no means least, Diamondbrite is made in the UK, so you are supporting British industry and the UK economy too!

Watch the video to find out more here.


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