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Scorpion release Red Power slip-on silencer kit for the latest Kawasaki ZX-10R which improves the bikes overall profile.

The new innovative slip-on silencer kit features Scorpions highly popular Red Power silencer. The Red Power silencer features a subtle tapered body and high-quality internal construction, a machined billet end-cap with red outlet port and a stunning laser etched logo for a classy appearance.

Riders can tailor the system to their own preferences by choosing one of three sleeve finishes. Brushed stainless steel, black ceramic and satin titanium are available.

The innovative slip-on exhaust has been dyno developed to suit the Kawasaki’s standard engine settings. No re-mapping is required, simply fit and ride. When installed, the bikes power is improved throughout the rev range and the throttle becomes more responsive. Weight is reduced improving overall rideability and the sound becomes deep with an aggressive pitch at higher revs.

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