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Scorpion release a range of performance exhaust options for Kawasaki’s boosted ZH2 motorcycle.

The innovative new slip-on exhaust features two silencer options, both the highly regarded Serket Parallel and retro inspired Red Power silencers are available. Riders can select from brushed stainless steel or black ceramic sleeve finishes on both silencer options.

Both high quality silencers connect to the bike via a T304 stainless steel link pipe. A full fitting kit is provided for an easy and straight forward installation. Dyno development ensures compatibility with the ZH2's OEM engine configuration, no remapping is required.

The free flowing design means the already powerful supercharged engine receives a power enhancement of up to 6bhp depending on silencer choice. The premium materials used in construction also reduces the motorcycles weight for better overall manoeuvrability.

With the use of high quality materials, both slip-on silencers offer a sharper racing sound throughout the rev range which is perfectly matched to the Z H2's overall profile.

Slip on exhausts available now

  • Red Power brushed stainless steel £329.00
  • Red Power black ceramic £379.00
  • Serket parallel brushed stainless steel £329.00
  • Serket parallel black ceramic £379.00