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Cleaners and Polishes



R&G, the world leader in crash protection products for motorcycles, has recently launched its all-new Gleam range of cleaning and lubricating products. The new collection has been created to make cleaning and caring for motorcycles even easier, ensuring the machine is always in the very best condition.

The new R&G Gleam range consists of:
  • Motorcycle Degreaser
  • Disc Brake Cleaner
  • Silicone Shine
  • Helmet Fresh
  • Nano Bike Wash
  • Waterless Bike Wash
  • Anti-fog Solution
  • Helmet & Visor Cleaner
  • Everyday Chain Lube
  • Chain Cleaner
  • Dry Chain Lube
  • Wet Chain Lube

RRPs start from £4.16 (exc. VAT) and the full range is available now.

For information on stocking plans, please email or call 01420 89007.