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On 31st December 2018 the long-standing Thatcham Category 5, 6 and 7 standards ceased to be relevant for new tracking system installations, replaced by 2 new standards: S5 Vehicle Tracking Systems (S5 VTS) and S7 Asset Location Systems (S7 ALS).

S7 ALS is the new base standard and the standard to which most existing Category 6 or Category 7 units are eligible to be reapproved. It is important to note that this is not an automatic process, the manufacturer must undertake the approval process. Datatool TrakKING Adventure, the tracking solution of choice for BMW Motorrad UK and Honda UK, has been reapproved to the new S7 ALS standard.

To coincide with the introduction of the new higher specification Thatcham S5 Vehicle Tracking System standard, we are pleased to announce our latest tracking solution, the Datatool TrakKING Adventure S5.

In addition to the full feature set of the market leading TrakKING Adventure, the new TrakKING Adventure S5 introduces the use of Rider ID tags, an additional layer of security to identify the authorised user of the bike instead of depending on the bike ignition. Furthermore, the use of the Rider ID tags adds convenience, improving the customer experience.

With TrakKING Adventure S5 when the Rider ID tag is in range of the tracking unit the Early Warning Movement Text Alerts are suppressed, allowing the owner to move their bike around, clean the bike or fit a cover without needing to manually turn their texts on or off.

Another benefit of the Rider ID tag is the ability to transport the bike in a van or on a trailer without the tracking unit entering alert mode if the tag is in range. Perfect for protecting those hard to insure track day bikes.

The Rider ID tags also allow for an immobilisation option. TrakKING Adventure S5 can be configured to provide starter circuit immobilisation using an optional immobiliser module, adding yet another layer of security and preventing the bike being started even if the keys have been stolen.

These new security and convenience features are all in addition to the comprehensive feature set that has made TrakKING Adventure the leading tracking solution in the UK:

  • Approved to the latest Thatcham S5 VTS Standard
  • 24/7/365 Monitored Theft Protection
  • Full journey history, automatically uploaded to the cloud
  • Optional ‘Early Warning Movement’ Text Alerts with auto suppression
  • Exclusive ‘Direct to 999’ Crash Detection Option
  • Multi Constellation Satellite Receiver using GPS, GLONASS & Galileo for enhanced accuracy
  • Multi network roaming GSM SIM for the best possible coverage across the UK and Europe
  • User Customisable Alerts – location based and event based options
  • Ultra-Low Current Draw
  • UK Designed and Manufactured
  • 24 month warranty

Datatool TrakKING Adventure S5 is now available at the extremely competitive retail price of just £249.00 plus dealer installation with the monitoring subscription remaining at £9.95 per month / £109.00 per year.

The UK designed and manufactured Datatool range of Thatcham approved tracking solutions, alarms and immobilisers are only available from a nationwide network of authorised dealers. Datatool does not retail directly either by mail order or at exhibitions, ensuring our dealer partners can maximise their profit potential from security product sales.

To join the Datatool dealer network please call Dave Plummer on 07770 303676 or email

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