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Lubricants & fluids



  • A4 x better wear protection
  • Extends chain life considerably
  • Almost no spinning off
  • Excellent wash-off resistance
  • Includes corrosion protectant

Germany’s no.1 selling White Chain Spray has been significantly updated to offer four times more wear protection for chains and sprockets. Already a market leader in its demanding home-market, S100 White Chain Spray has undergone extensive laboratory testing at the University of Mannheim, and now combines even more long-term lubrication with almost zero fling-off. It is proven to deliver four times (400%) better wear protection for the chain and sprocket than it's nearest rival.  

S100 White Chain Spray 2.0 is so effective because it resolves two conflicting properties required by chain lube; being liquid enough to penetrate the chain links, (like gear oil), yet being sufficiently sticky that it won't be flung off by a chain that rotates at high speed, (like a wax).

The new German-engineered formula not only ensures excellent penetration of the chain and resists flinging off at speed and washing off in wet conditions, it also contains a corrosion inhibitor, to prevent rust. Used regularly, S100 White Chain Spray 2.0 can significantly lengthen the working life of a motorcycle’s chain and sprocket, improve performance, and increase the time needed between lubrication (up to 1,000 km).

It’s also Super easy to use: just spray evenly and sparingly on the inside of the chain - the white colour means it’s easy to see which areas have been treated - and allow to dry for an hour.

S100 White Chain Spray 2.0 is suitable for all chain types (O/X/Z) and retails at £14.99 inc VAT for a large 400ml aerosol.

For trade prices details on their complete motorcycle care range, visit or call 01256 704909.