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Wheels and Tyres


Avon Tyres has announced the launch of the new Storm 3D X-M - a sports-touring tyre said to combine the performance of the Storm 3D Ultra tyre with increased longevity.

Aimed at the hypersport motorcycle market, the made-in-Britain Avon Storm 3D X-M uses technology found in the 3D Ultra sports tyre family and uses it to create a sports-touring tyre which also delivers higher mileage. It features interlocking three-dimensional points hidden in the tyre’s smallest grooves, which improve stability, grip and warm-up times, while limiting tread flex and uses a high-performance single and multi-compound silica-rich tread to enhance grip in the wet.
Available in sizes 120/70-ZR17 (front) and 180/55-ZR17 and 190/50-ZR17 (rear), the Storm 3D X-M is aimed at hyperbikes such as the Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa, Kawasaki GTR1400/ZZR1400, BMW K1300 series and Honda Super Blackbird.
Doug Ross, head of global motorcycle tyre sales for Avon, said, “With the Storm 3D X-M we’ve taken what was already a great tyre and built in around 15-20 per cent of extra longevity through increased tread life. While we expect this to be most popular in the US - where motorcycle mileage tends to be higher –but there’s an increasing number of bikers in Europe clocking up higher mileages while touring or commuting, who want a tyre that lasts without sacrificing performance.”

Avon Tyres