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Wheels and Tyres


Designed for big adventure bikes, the new Trailmax Meridian tops Dunlop’s range for on/off road machines.  Dunlop claims the rear tyre offers an improved mileage of between 6 and 15% compared to its competitors, giving a similar lifespan to the front tyre to allow replacement synchronisation.

The tread pattern  is designed to provide grip in dry conditions and efficiently expel water in the wet, and is made from a high-Silica compound for low temperature flexibility. Both front and rear tyres use a two layer Rayon-Ply casing which is said to improve warm-up times. 

Dunlop’s own testing results indicate that the Meridian offers improved traction over its competitors on soft mud and that grip in harder conditions is as good as its more extreme TrailSmart MAX tyre.

The Trailmax Meridian comes in four front and three rear sizes which cover most of teh big adventure models including BMS GS, Honda Africa Twin, KTM Adventure, Suzuki V-Strom, Triumph Tiger and Yamaha Ténéré and Super Ténéré

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