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12/12/2018    Sparkling Profits

 ADVERTISING FEATURE  Diamondbrite paintwork protection process   Join the growing number of dealers who are boosting their profits on sales of new and used bikes with Diamondbrite Motorcycle Pro –...

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12/12/2018    stay warm with ARMR Moto

 ADVERTISING FEATURE  ARMR Moto present their best-selling products to help riders stay warm and comfortable during these cold Winter months. ARMR’s BaseWear is essential underwear for any rider,...

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 ADVERTISING FEATURE  Any motorcyclist who regularly rides off-road or has crashed a road bike on a trackday knows that indicators are often one of the first items to be damaged. The new, R&G-...

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12/12/2018    Expanded range of ZF Dual Sprockets available from Larsson UK

 ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE  Recently added to the Mike catalogue is an extended range of ZF ‘dual’ two part sprockets manufactured by ZF in Europe. Available in a range of colours, the sprockets feature...

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12/12/2018    Rechargeable Disc Lock alarm

 ADVERTISING FEATURE  The latest security innovation from Kovix This neat alarmed disc lock from Kovix is an ideal Christmas gift for all those riders who need some extra protection for their pride...

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