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Although Honda Group as a whole was pushed into a fourth-quarter operating loss by the Covid-19 pandemic affecting its automotive activities, motorcycle operations remained relatively unscathed from...

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12/05/2020    Contacting your MP regarding PTWs as a public transport option

The MCIA have today urged everyone in the motorcycle industry to contact their local MP to assist in getting PTWs recognised as a serious transport mode for our time. In the communication to MCIA...

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12/05/2020    Pedal power creates boom in eBike Kit Sales

Swytch Technology, one of the UK’s leading start-ups in eBike innovation, has revealed to BDN that it has been inundated with order requests for its eBike conversion kit - which turns any bike into...

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12/05/2020    Looking back, moving forward

E letter / Opinion Well, it has been 19 months since I retired from repping for Fowlers and hung up my briefcase. Can't say I’m missing all that traffic! I still have an interest in what is going on...

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12/05/2020    Government guidance

New Government guidance is available to help employers, employees and the self-employed understand how to work safely during the coronavirus pandemic. The government, in consultation with industry,...

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