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A snapshot of global bike and ATV industry share performance at the trading week closure on Friday 13 April 2018. BDN financial editor Roger Willis reports. A week ending on such an unlucky date for...

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13/04/2018    Where the British heyday lives on

Away from the seafront and yacht harbour in Torquay, a factory and warehouse is busy meeting worldwide demand for motorcycle parts. LF Harris International operates in a surprisingly buoyant market...

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13/04/2018    food for thought

Have you heard the one about the man who saved money by buying a car rather than taking the train for one journey from London to Bristol? It's not a joke, by the way, and just shows the high cost of...

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12/04/2018    700 miles in a day - on an electric motorcycle

Zero rider Remo Klawitter has set a new record for the longest distance covered on an electric motorcycle in 24 hours, covering 691.8 miles – a distance equivalent to riding from London to John O’...

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12/04/2018    an overview of the tyre market

On the face of it you would imagine that tyre manufacturers, suppliers and retailers were having a tough time in the current market and economic climate. New bike sales are struggling to gain...

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