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Currently enjoying its third significant revival since foundation in 1911 by six eponymous brothers, Benelli is to mark its 110th anniversary with a new logo and a series of events. These will be...

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18/06/2021    Standard petrol is changing to E10

The standard petrol grade in the UK will become E10 this summer. Currently, UK petrol is E5, meaning it contains up to 5% bioethanol. E10 petrol will see the amount of bioethanol increase to 10%....

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18/06/2021    Lease breaks: Top tips and traps

In times of economic uncertainty, many businesses look to rid themselves of surplus property to reduce rental liabilities. The pandemic, and the consequential surge in home- and flexible- working,...

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The Economist magazine has just flagged up serious concerns about inflationary pressures now being exerted by Chinese export goods on Western markets. BDN financial editor Roger Willis reports....

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17/06/2021    MEAN, GREEN MACHINES?

The Motorcycle Industry Association is backing today’s UK Clean Air Day, to promote eco-friendly transport solutions produced by its members. Commenting on this deeply woke and worthy cause, MCIA...

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