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18/03/2019    Public has its say on DIY electric motorcycle

Shed Rides displayed a prototype of its build-your-own electric motorcycle kit at the Manchester Bike Show at the weekend. Once put together, the bike, called Shed One, has a power output of 17kW (...

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18/03/2019    A tribute to Bob Trigg

Bob Trigg, who died in February, was a modest yet far-sighted engineer who, having worked for BSA, Ariel, and BMC, helped give the kiss-of-life to a famous British motorcycle brand in 1967. Twelve...

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18/03/2019    a tribute to granby jack

My father, John Glover - or ‘Granby Jack’ as he was known to most - dedicated his adult life to his passion for motorcycles. As a young man he was an enthusiastic club racer and in 1967, to fund his...

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A snapshot of global bike and ATV industry share performance at the trading week closure on Friday 15 March 2019. BDN financial editor Roger Willis reports. The past week proved consistently upbeat...

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16/03/2019    DfT advice on riding in Europe in event of no deal

The MCIA is circulating advice from the Department for Transport on riding in the EU, should the UK leave without a deal. New requirements for documents you will need to ride in the EU UK riders in...

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