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13/01/2021    Families in dispute

David Emanuel, chairman and a corporate law partner at VWV, thinks that every family business dispute is different, but there are common themes. The most frequent tend to involve a lack of...

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12/01/2021    Container Congestion Chaos

As busy UK ports grind to a halt, with containers travelling to and from the UK unable to make progress due to container congestion, it’s fair to say that the UK is facing a perfect storm of Brexit-...

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12/01/2021    Financing the deal

The Covid-19 pandemic has put a lot of stress onto motorcycle dealers. And some may feel that imminent introduction of stricter Financial Conduct Authority rules on point-of-sale funding provision...

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MCIA registration statistics for December were a seasonal fairy tale with Santa’s elves delivering magical numbers — of unsold and underogated Euro 4 stock in urgent need of plates. BDN financial...

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12/01/2021    NMDA Comment on December motorcycle registrations

“A decline of -2.6% in the motorcycle market in a year like 2020 when we faced so many challenges is hugely positive as dealers’ performance exceeded all expectations”, said Paddy O’Connell, Head of...

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