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Dealers and consumers are both said to benefit from a new website that turns the bike-buying process on its head.

The idea is that the buyer visits, fills out an online form specifying their dream bike, and then waits to “let Britain’s best-rated dealers compete over you”.

Bikerble was set up by a group of techie, biking individuals including Ricky Moore. “We are the new way to attract people to obtaining their dream bike at the best possible price…no stress…no hassle,” said Moore. “‘Click, Twist, Go!’ is our slogan.

“The Bikerble platform turns the traditional bike-buying process on its head for the benefit of everyone. Buyers pick the scooter or motorcycle they want on the Bikerble site. Bikerble will then contact the customers with the five best bike deals they have secured from their list of approved dealers. Once the buyer has identified the best deal for them they will be able to contact the dealers anonymously through the Bikerble platform and complete the transaction.”

Moore said the service was free to use and that buyers would save up to 15% on the cost of a new bike, while the dealers would benefit from lower marketing costs, a faster sales process, and exposure to a younger, web-savvy target market.

“Traditionally, buyers have to travel to a number of different dealerships before making a purchase, while dealers are required to spend a great deal of time and resources on a lengthy sales experience. Neither buyers nor dealers enjoy the often difficult price-haggling part of the process and all of this is a thing of the past with Bikerble.

“We’re excited to roll out our service even further on the back of a very strong start where we have tested out our concept and are now ready to take it to the next stage. At Bikerble, we enjoy working with the industry to make things simpler, better and more efficient for all involved. We invented this concept to change the way the UK buys scooters and motorcycles.”