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Dealers are being asked to help develop Chinese motorcycle sales beyond the “low hanging fruit” of the 125 commuter segment.

Dean Clements, of Clements Moto distribution, whose portfolio includes the Chinese-made Zontes brand, points out that quality larger-capacity product is now available from China that can help dealers enhance their customer profile.

As well as manufacturing a good range of 125 commuters, including the Javelin, Zontes also offers the T310, described as “the perfect lightweight Adventure bike for A2 licence holders or riders looking for a more agile mount”. The T310 features Zontes’ latest 312cc, four-valve, DOHC, single-cylinder motor with a high 12.5:1 compression ratio.There’s a naked and sport touring variant.

At Motorcycle Live, Clements was also showcasing the B310, “a stretched-out custom of sorts that will be landing February/March time”. He believes it is important that distributors and dealers assist the Chinese manufacturers to break out of the 125 sector.

“Our biggest challenge with the 310 is not so much price point - it’s under £4000, and you can’t get the technology for much less than that – but achieving the volume. Most dealers just want the 125s, the low-hanging fruit, and that’s no criticism, they all have businesses to think about, but if they stick with just 125s they aren’t going to develop their customer profile.

“We are trying to push that envelope, by encompassing larger capacity bikes. Zontes will continue to have a strong range of entry-level 125cc models, however the manufacturer is very much accelerating development of larger capacity machines as it looks to the future. The current three-model range will be enlarged with the release of the V310, previewed in Milan and Birmingham, in spring 2020.”

Clements said existing Zontes bikes had been reviewed well by the UK mainstream motorcycle press in 2019 and the task now was to spread that enthusiasm through the dealer network. He continued: “Thus far, dealer engagement has been slow, with about one-quarter of our 55 dealers showing a willingness to break out of the small-capacity machines."

Full story in the January issue of BDN.