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After a round of successful meetings with government officials, the recently-formed National Motorcyclists Council (NMC) has been invited to become a member of the Department for Transport’s Road Safety Delivery Group (RSDG).

The RSDG is a consultative body working to reduce road casualties and draws its membership from a range of governmental and non-governmental organisations. NMC participation will significantly increase motorcycle user representation, as it will sit alongside IAM RoadSmart and the Motorcycle Action Group at RSDG meetings. The motorcycle industry is also represented.

This development comes as the NMC publishes key initial areas where members are calling for priority changes to public policy. They provide further detail to already announced NMC policy. Taken together, these will put motorcycling in the mainstream of DfT policy and do much to form the basis for a new Government Motorcycling Strategy. 

Each of these priority areas outlines items of importance to different sectors of the motorcycling community and the NMC has adopted existing policy calls of its members. This allows for a rounded cross-community approach to immediate policy needs and adds support to the ongoing work of individual member organisations.

Commenting on‍ such an early achievement, Neil Greig of IAM RoadSmart said: “Being invited to join the RSDG is very welcome news and marks an acceleration of progress by the NMC. Indeed, the motorcycling lobby now forms almost the biggest single non-governmental bloc on the RSDG. This is particularly important given that the proportion of rider casualties remain a real concern.”