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Bike thieves attempting to steal a scooter in Hull were foiled thanks to an alarmed chain lock, which resisted attacks from three different heavy duty cutting tools. 

Starting with a blow torch, the thieves tried to breach the cast steel lock casing of the KOVIX security device. When that failed, they took an angle grinder to one of the 10mm chain links, without success. Finally they resorted to bolt-croppers, but these merely dented the chain link, without making a serious impression.

Incredibly the 120db alarm still worked after the onslaught and the owner was so impressed that he returned to the shop where he purchased the lock to buy a replacement.

The Metropolitan Police advise riders to use two or more security devices to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of bike theft and, by combining a 120db alarm siren (with movement sensor) with a high specification lock & chain, the KOVIX KCL10-150 is "a formidable double-act".

The alarms are available through the Key Collection and Fowlers Parts.