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The former home in Coventry of Triumph motorcycle company co-founder Siegfried Bettmann has been converted into 14 luxury apartments, mews apartments and bungalows by developer P&K Estates. This locally-listed building still bears a blue plaque recalling the time it was Bettmann’s palatial residence.

One apartment in the 1870s-era Victorian mansion is partly formed from Bettmann’s billiard room, featuring an original frieze consisting of a series of eight oil paintings on canvas by the artist Oscar Mancine of the Birmingham School, in the style of Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones.

Bettmann was born in Nuremberg in 1863 but emigrated to Coventry. With fellow German Mauritz Schulte, he started manufacturing Triumph-branded bicycles there in 1889 and then motorcycles from 1902 onwards. He bought Elm Bank in 1905 and lived in it until his death aged 88 in 1951. Bettmann, who had become a British citizen prior to the First World War, sold the Triumph motorcycle business to Ariel supremo Jack Sangster in 1936.