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Latest statistics on powered two-wheeler sales across Europe covering September and the three quarters of 2013 to date, issued by pan-European motorcycle industry organisation ACEM, show only modest relief from ongoing market depression, as the pace of decline slowed to 8.5 per cent in September, at 107,599 new registrations.

Discounting Sweden, which put on 3.1 per cent, and a singular 31 per cent rise in Luxembourg, no major European Union market registered positive sales during the month. However, Austria and Germany posted increases for motorcycles and over-50cc scooters, respectively of 5.4 per cent and one per cent.

Europe-wide, the third quarter was down by 12 per cent and for the nine months to date sales dropped by 14.7 per cent to 988,378. Within that, motorcycles and scooters have fallen by 11.7 per cent and the moped sector by 20.2 per cent.

As for year-to-date performance among leading individual countries, overall PTW sales are down by 15.6 per cent in France, 4.3 per cent in Germany, 12.8 per cent in Spain, 3.3 per cent in the UK, 17.4 per cent in Poland, 13.7 per cent in Holland and 29.2 per cent in Italy.