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Tree-kissers have long had it in for the humble aerosol. Inevitably, the EU doesn’t like them either, which means cans must pass a pressure test to conform to a new and revised EU standard. To ensure compliance, there is a whacking great fine of up to £5000 for anyone caught stocking non-conforming cans. It doesn’t matter what’s in the can, it’s the marking on it that counts.

Cans must be marked with a compliant “3”, a reversed epsilon (see image) which, in case you didn’t know, is the fifth letter of the Greek alphabet. Most are okay, but some aerosol products imported from America do not comply, although some are now testing their products to the European standard.

And the point of all this? Check your stock to make sure cans have the correct marking. If they don’t, talk to your supplier who should be able to help.