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Technical Specification – Print

Advertisements can be supplied in either PDF (to Pass4press specification, see for details), JPEG or TIFF format at 100% size and 300dpi. Files should be configured for CMYK separation, with no spot colours included.
For BDN’s in-house design service, preferably supply logos as vector files; other acceptable formats are PDF, TIFF, JPEG and PSD. Note: logos sourced from websites are low resolution and are not suitable for printed adverts. Images should supplied at high resolution, generally at a resolution of 300dpi in JPEG, TIFF or PSD formats. Logos and images should be supplied in their original formats rather than as embedded images within a Word document. Images taken from websites are not recommended for use in print.

Whilst we do our utmost to maintain colour fidelity throughout the printing process, we cannot guarantee to match colours. For more accurate results, always ensure that CMYK proofing is turned on (our CMYK working space FOGRA 39) on your layout software when proofing artwork.

Recruitment - advertising that works!

Sixteenth horizontal 107 x 35mm
Eighth box 107 x 74.75mm
Quarter portrait 107 x 153.5mm
Half horizontal 218 x 153.5mm

Classified - Economical, targeted advertising!

Single box 51.5 x 35mm
Double box 107 x 35mm
Quad box 107 x 74.75mm
Double-quad box 218 x  74.75mm

Technical Specification – Online

728 pixels x 90px : RGB, 72dpi, jpeg, gif, png or swf format

160 pixels x 600px : RGB, 72dpi, jpeg, gif, png or swf format

Half Skyscraper
160 pixels x 290px : RGB, 72dpi, jpeg, gif, png or swf format

Newsletter Sponsorship
Please supply your logo and the URL to link to (ie: your web address). The logo will be places into a 98 x 115px box in the top right hand corner. Advertising banner for the bottom of the emailer should be 564px (width) x any reasonable height.

Bespoke Emailers
Please supply a HTML file and images files zipped up.
Do not make image links absolute as they will be hosted on our mail server. Please supply a “subject line.”

Product Emailer
Please supply your text and images for the Product emailer. BDN will extract the first few lines of text for the emailer, and the rest will be used on the webpage. Please supply a “headline” for the webpage.  We will need contact information and the URL to link to (ie: your web address).




Cribb sheet - BDN News sponsor

Cribb sheet - Bespoke emailer

Cribb sheet - Product emailer